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Bluetooth Sunset Lamp

Bluetooth Sunset Lamp

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Smart Bluetooth Sunset Projection Lamp Sunset Projector Night Light APP Remote Led Lights for Room Decoration Photography Gifts


There are 3 kinds of popular sunset lamp for you to choose:

1. With smart app, controlled by the Bluetooth function of your phone, you need to download the app. With music rhythm and timing function. You can adjust the color or dime the brightness on your phone. There is also an IR remote which can also control the light.

2. With IR remote and 4 color filters, more colors can be created with the help of filters.

3. No remote or app, you can change colors by changing filters. There are at least 4 colors you can get.


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Why this Sunlamp?

1. Variety - We offer a variety of Sunlamps, all specifically tailored to fit your needs for accessibility

2. Price - Our prices are low enough to undercut the market with our variety, You wont find better prices

3. Mood - When friends and that special someone come over you get to set the mood at the touch of a button

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